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UPVC Roof-line - It's Parts and Components
Fascias, Down-pipes, Soffits, Gutters and Bargeboard etc...

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We at Pricequoter have supplied some information that you need to know about all components of Roofline. It will save you time, money and energy relieving you of the problem of a building firm informing you of all these products and how they work. So if your not too sure then you only need to revert to our guide and hopefully this will show you the important things you need to know and remember about Roofline. Roofline Gutters, Boxends, Downpipes, Soffits, Bargeboard,  Pricequoter

The Main Types of Roofline material include

  • Wooden
  • Pvc
  • Iron
Roofline is an everyday product that we all take for granted, until cracks start to appear. Then by that time, it's all hands on deck to make sure it's rectified. If not, it might not be just your guttering your having to replace as Roofline is the support that carries your rooftiles and prevents excessive elements of the weather giving your home a battering. From downpipes not working the way they are supposed to work, Downpipes and Gutters starting to crack, gutters overflowing or burst, Joints coming loose, PVC discolouring, Iron rusting etc.. we've all come across these problems one time of another, so always be prepared.
Pvc is the main preferred type of Roofline in the UK but certain situations will arise where you can only have Wooded Fascia, soffits & Bargeboard and or metal/Iron Gutters and Downpipes or sometimes it may just be down to choice. Some properties only have gutters and downpipes with no roofline but in place of roofline the finishing is in known in the trade as "Undercloaking", which is a cement finish render.

Roofline comes in many parts & components, some examples are below
  • Soffits
    This is the part of the roofline that is the underside of any construction element. You would want this material to be of good quality, quite thick (minimum 12 millimetres thickness), as well as good long lengths
    What to look out for;
    1. Make sure the builder does not add your new roofline onto the old roofline, this will only create more problems - You want the old roofline ripped out.
    2. Make sure it is quality PVC and UV protective as you do not want it to discolour.
    3. The Pvc would be best in long sections and you also want the PVC to be quite thick. This would be much stronger and look better without short joins
    4. To join the PVC to the roofline structure you would want galvanised nails, (not galvanised tipped head nails), As when the builder hammers in the nails he then breaks the nail heads galvanised seal thus 4 to 6 months later you will see makes on your roofline where the nails have been punched.

  • Fascia
    This is the part of your roofline that is the band running horizontally and situated vertically under the roof edge or which forms the outer surface of a cornice and is visible to an outside observer.
    What to look out for; - Similar to Soffits

  • Bargeboard
    This is the part of your roofline that is at the gable end of a building consisting of the band running diagonally and situated vertically under the roof edge or which forms the outer surface of a cornice and is visible to an outside observer.
    What to look out for; - Similar to Soffits

  • Undercloaking
    This is the part of your that has to be done by finished material such as cement. Usually Dryverge can take its place but certain areas, dry verge might not be useful where a finished cement render is an adequate replacement.
    What to look out for;
    1. The only main problem with undercloaking is that the builder has not used a good cement mix or he/she hasn't finished it properly.
    If he or she does not use a quality finish then this will crack easily and will show up making the Undercloaking look horrendeous
    2. You will see it crackin, discolouring or part of the cement disintergrating & falling out..

  • Roofline Dryverge, Gutters, Boxends, Downpipes, Soffits, Bargeboard,  Pricequoter
  • Dryverge
    This is the part of your roofline, especially at the gable end where there is bardgeboard. It is a common finish that protects the angles from the elements and it takes the place of Undercloaking.
    What to look out for;
    1. The quality of the Dryverge PVC should be UVA resistant. It usually comes is small sections and is in direct contact with sunlight, so bad quality will discolour straight away.

  • Guttering
    This is the part of your roofline that carries the water overflow from the roof, it is connected to your downpipes which carry the water away, hopefully to the connecting drain.

  • Downpipes
    This is an extension of your roofline that takes the rainwater and moss from the guttering which flows down the downpipe and usually into a connecting drain.
    What to look out for;
    1. The quality of the Downpipe PVC should be UVA resistant. Again usually in direct contact with sunlight, so bad quality will discolour straight away.
    2. Connections to the Guttering is a usual source of problem so make sure this is looked at thoroughly

  • Stormguard
    This is the part of your guttering that covers over the top of the gully, (similar to wire mesh), that allows water to fall into the gutter but stops objects like leaves, branches and other all day items. Please note this is a product that needs regulary checked and if so cleaned. Our advice is pop up to check at least once a month

We hope you have found this Roofline information guide helpful. If you come across any problems with your roofline that is listed on our guide then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us with details of your problem.

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